I just returned from my week-long destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort in the Mayan Riviera (the Carribean side of Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula, in the prettiest part of the country, in the state of Quintana Roo). 

The wedding was perfect and I had a great time with friends and family celebrating. But most weddings only involve a rehearsal dinner and the party the next day. Not a big problem if you over-indulge one or two meals per week. But what to do when your vacation involves a tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet and pool-side service of endless pina coladas and other delicious tropical drinks, and my favorite adult beverage: margaritas?

Let's start with the margaritas. I try not to drink much alcohol on a normal schedule but on vacation, I was definitely over-indulging. Margaritas usually contain sweet and sour mix, with one serving of sweet and sour loaded with at least 20 grams of sugar, not to mention food coloring. I ordered the margaritas without the sweet and sour, and instead with lime juice. Let's say I drank two margaritas a day over the week (a very conservative estimate). That means I saved my overloaded liver and potentially-bloated abdomen 280 grams of sugar alone from cutting out the sweet and sour mix.  

I also didn't drink beer, which tends to bloat. If you want to celebrate with alcohol, stick to low-sugar drinks like vodka. 

I also brought with me an arsenal of supplements, including milk thistle, which helps with blood sugar levels (possibly by supporting the liver). And after every meal, many of which consisted of foods I wasn't used to, I popped a peppermint pill which helps cool the intestines and prevent acid reflux (and the burping up taste). The other main supplement I took every day was probiotics, which I take every single day. I upped my dose while in Mexico to give my GI tract/immune system extra support. I take a 10 billion organism per capsule pill and took a few every day. 

The best strategy for dealing with over-indulging while on vacation is to learn how to indulge without over-eating. Try new foods, eat more often, but eat smaller portions so you don't feel bloated. 

I adopted these strategies and am proud to say I came home without any extra weight around the middle!

(The information and medical advice expressed here are not a substitute for conventional medical service. Consult your doctor or health professional before beginning any supplement regimen.)




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