At the age of five, my father yanked me out of my comfy bed to sign me up for pee-wee league football. It was a Saturday morning. I cried. I wanted to stay in bed and watch cartoons. A few months later, it was time for basketball tryouts and when spring rolled around, still at five years old, I was playing for the Yankees, my first little-league team.

More than a quarter century later, I'm still very active, on a daily basis. Sports were my life up through college. Also at a young age, I would be enticed by my mother into giving her back massages. The incentive: sometimes out of pure love so my mom would feel better; other times it was for the promise of $1. 

When I first started lifting weights in my teens, it was of course, to get my biceps as big as basketballs to impress the girls in school. (Despite not bodybuidling anymore, though, my biceps refuse to deflate, see below, the result of which is eating adequate lean protein and tons of fresh veggies). Twenty years later, I have evolved my approach and thinking to exercise, as well as my spiritual consciousness. 

I have discovered my true purpose in life, which is helping people feel how they should feel: their best! This is achieved by being holistically fit, that is physically, mentally and spiritually; not just muscular.

I have forgone the cosmetic approach to strength training; that is, lifting muscles in isolation, especially those on the anterior side of the body (biceps, pectorals).

Instead, over the years, I have discovered that functional strength can be achieved by performing total-body and multi-dimensional exercises, with Russian-style Kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells or your own bodyweight.

Yoga is just one component of what my mentor, surfing and health pioneer Doc Paskowitz, calls "The Daily Pursuit of a Superior State of Well-Being." 

A superior state of well-being is only achieved if one eats properly. Food is the most powerful drug. I learned the hard way that not eating right can lead to a wipeout, both in the water, while surfing and at school or work.

Eating sugary cereal in the morning and overloading on other junk and processed foods and stripped-down versions of wheat was my main fuel source for the first 30 years of my life. No wonder why I fell asleep often in class (sorry, teachers). I am grateful that my evolution in life has led me to eating healthy and passing the word on to others. 

In the last decade plus, I've been a personal fitness trainer, massage therapist, wellness coach and health writer, with over 100 of my health articles, published on one of the most high-trafficed, eco-minded websites, Mother Nature Network ( 

It's my life's mission to spread health consciousness. If one person's life is improved as a result of my work, it will have been worth it. Here's to hoping that I will inspire 999,999+ more people than that....

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